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MOTA 007

09 OCTOBER 2020 18:30 @ DE MARKTEN
Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 5, 1000 Bruxelles

MOTA 007 is the 7th edition in a series of different conversations, which always take place at a different location within Brussels. Artists from different disciplines are given the opportunity to enter into dialogue with each other on common themes within their diverse artistic practices.

The theme of this conversation is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. What do we mean by this? To be under construction is not to be finished. One can choose to show the process or hide the process resolutely, with "no entry" signs. Being under construction to point to something  that is to point to something coming or something that is not yet known. A speculation on and investment in a future. It is also the iconic image of progress, urban development and economic growth. How visible is your construction site?

Guest artist Rachel Himmelfarb will introduce the theme with a well thought-out question that takes place within her own research. Subsequently, the participants work on this question and the theme and formulate new questions and answers within this theme based on their own experience and own practice.

Rachel Himmelfarb's artistic practice consists of architectural research and is part of the Common Room, a collective based in New York and Brussels.

In corona-free times we received our guests with a drink and some snacks.Due to the extra measures we have unfortunately left this behind. This does not stop us from having a pleasant evening. Feel free to bring something tasty to eat and drink.