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Désorceler la Finance

Désorceler la finance / Unbewitched Finance (2017) is a Brussels based self-proclaimed organisation, fighting against the deleterious effects of the capital-sorcerer power, through multiple forms (rituals,  creative writing, radio documentary, conference-performance, cartomancy, exhibitions, .. ) to invent new images and horizons. Composed of researchers, artists, collaborators in all areas of art and life, its actions dissect, deconstruct and interfere in the dominant and opaque discourse of finance experts. With the aim to break the state of impediment, of restraint, of stunned powerlessness, of bewitchment in which this discourse keeps us, as well as to give back to everyone strength, the capacity to act, and free our imagination.
We keep our  desire to put forward the multiplicity of views and imaginations in all our projects by inviting artists, designers, performers, activists, filmmakers that fight with their languages  to open up the idea of that "there is alternative".