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Salon #2

Question by Lili M. Rampre

What is the significance of 'arts literacy' beyond the arts education context?What is the contemporary relation between arts literacy and demarcation of disciplines? And what do we expect of our audience in those same terms?

MAY 18, 2019 - 5pm  
Rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 83, 1000 Bruxelles

The theme of the second salon is best articulated as 'the body talking writing and reading itself' looking at the questions of presence, embodied knowledge and alternative ways of politicising, understanding and sharing the world.

Salon is a meeting place for artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. Every Salon is about a new theme on which an other artist is invited to formulate a question. This question formulated for the participants is based on the artistic work or process of the artist.Salon is a nomadic project that has no fixed location and so becomes a guest of different organisations in the Brussels artistic landscape.