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MOTA 008

Question by Miguel Escobar

Can we create conditions for the parrot to define its name? And then how?

OCTOBER 10, 2021,  2pm - 4pm 
@ SB34 - CLOVIS 
Clovislaan 85, 1000 Brussels.

MOTA 008 - Concrete Metaphors is the topic of the first in a series of migrant conversations in the 21/22 season. Concrete Metaphors as a theme points towards the symbolism of our built environment, the way spaces and places are encoded into logics and poetries that may or may not feel as our own. Landscaped parks, statues of genocidal kings and saints. Pointing towards the changing meaning and language of things built to last as well as the remarkable capacity of the metaphor to act as short-cut to complex thought.

With the support of Delphine Houba, Alderwoman of Culture of the City of Brussels