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Open Call 


Proposing a question for a MOTA 000 Nomadic Conversation is interesting but it is not the main way to engage, the main way is to simply come along. However to invite you to propose a question we need to know you a bit at least, so the open call is for this.

We don't know you yet and this provides a point of introduction. We are committing to meet with everyone who applies, to explain what we are trying to do, see what we can do together in the future. The aim is to find the next topics and questions through these meetings and conversations for the upcoming salons in the spring .

We are also meeting organistions, collectives, going to talks and conferences trying to expand the way in which we meet and invite Brussels artists to MOTA 000.  

Send an email to with your ideas, questions and thougths. A cv and portfolio might be usefull aswell.