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MOTA 012


April 28, 2022 - 6:30 pm
Artists Commons 
Av. Van Volxem 400, 1190 Forest

How does mythology help us rethink the "end of the world"?

Question by Irina Lavrinovič & Asher Lev

Acute and Alternatives is the next topic in our migrant series of discussions around artists' questions. The topic draws attention to the parallels and curious overlaps of rules, safety and knowledge in our negotiation of great uncertainties when truly valuable things (health or life) are at risk.  These moments often ask for a choice of a narrative, a concrete legitimation of a variety of believes: in gods (saying that prayer just in case), and scientific research (calling the ambulance); and ancestral healing practices (turning to witchcraft and your mums chicken soup); and friendly hearsay; and ideologies; and the cold advices of expert elites. This MOTA invites you to discuss how artistic practices are feeling out the sensitive spaces for the alternative within the acute.  

With support of the VGC.